BioPharm Laboratories, LLC was formed to provide the diagnostic products industry with a reliable and cost-effective bovine thrombin material.  We have since added additional items to our product list.  BioPharm Laboratories was founded by Dr. J Foster Irwin, Ph.D.  Dr. Irwin has developed several bovine thrombin products for the therapeutic market.  He was an original founder of GenTrac Inc. and developed ThromboGen® therapeutic thrombin which was distributed by Johnson & Johnson®. After GenTrac, Inc. was sold to Jones Pharma Inc., he developed the Thrombin-JMI® therapeutic thrombin that is currently still on the market. Once Dr. Irwin retired, he saw the unmet needs in the diagnostic market for bovine thrombin and started BioPharm Laboratories, LLC.  BioPharm Laboratories today is located in a 10,000-square-foot facility where we have the capacity to make production scale lot sizes.

The low specific activity material (90 - 250 U/mg protein) is used by many U.S. diagnostic companies to defibrinate plasma, producing serum matrixes to be used as controls and standards or in polyclonal antibody production.  Using bovine thrombin in polyclonal antibody production to defibrinate plasma may increase antibody yields by 15-20% over off-the-clot methods of defibrination.  

The high purity material (> 1500 U/mg protein) is used to cleave r-fusion proteins containing a thrombin site for the removal of affinity tags as well as certain diagnostic pharmaceutical applications.

Bovine Thrombin is a clotting enzyme that is a serine protease that cleaves Arginine-Glycine bonds in fibrinogen to give clots of fibrin and fibrinpeptide A and B.  

Bovine Thrombin is derived from prothrombin which is isolated from plasma collected from cattle in a USDA-approved establishment in the U.S.  The cattle are ante and post mortem inspected where they were apparently free from infectious and contagious diseases.  All donor animals were born and sourced from herds in a U.S. geographical area where Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy has not been detected.  The bovine prothrombin is treated with bovine lung thromboplastin to yield Bovine Thrombin.  Thus, all the starting materials, reagents, and processing is conducted in the U.S. only.

In addition to our Bovine Thrombin products, we also sell Bovine Serum Albumin in many different grades and sizes along with Human, Porcine, and Recombinant Thombins.

These products are for in vitro (diagnostic) use only.